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If you want to have a little bit of fun with friends while staying at Cancun adults only resorts, playing drinking games is a good way to either break the ice or get to know your friends a lot better. And doing this on vacation is a great way to get to know your travel companions and have a wild evening of laughs. There are a ton of games that can be played but I’ve chosen a few that are fun and offer for a variety of play. Remember to drink responsibly and do not drink and drive. The best bet would be to stay at the Cancun adults only resorts and hotels and hang out, make new friends and walk back to your room. All in a day’s work.

Games at Cancun Adults Only Resorts

  1. Beer pong. This is a popular one. Ask the staff at the Cancun adults only resorts if they can help you find where you can play this game. Organize two teams. Each team lines up beers on their side of a table, one beer per person. Each team then takes turns using a ping pong ball to throw into the cup of the opposing team. If they manage to make a basket, the losing team must drink their beer. The team that wins is the one that makes a basket in every single beer glass of the opposing team. Upon losing, that team must also drink the beers of the winning team.
  2. The Yes-No Question Game. One person is chosen to throw out the first question, which must have either “yes” or “no” as an answer. The question must be asked quickly, without laughing and must be answered just as quickly. If any of these rules are broken, the person who broke the rule must drink. As you can imagine, the game can get pretty unruly and wild. This can probably be played in the comfort of your own room at Cancun adults only resorts.
  3. Flip, Sip or Strip. This is a pretty straightforward game. Flip a coin and in the air, call it. If you get it right, pass it to your right. If you call it wrong, pass it to your left and take a sip or strip off one item of clothing. Pairs of clothing, like socks or gloves are considered one item. The catch here is that you cannot do the same thing twice in a row, so if you drank last time, you must strip something the next time around. This one can get pretty ruly at Cancun adults only resorts.
  4. I Never. One person starts out by saying something they’ve never done: “I’ve never seen snow fall.” Everyone at the table who has done the thing mentioned (in this case, seen snow fall) must drink. The phrases should be quick fire and no explanations, apart from the drinking, are needed. If you are in the company of good friends while vacationing, the idea is to rake up as much sordid and embarrassing things as you possibly can. This will definitely make your Cancun adults only resorts vacation a fabulous one.
  5. Edward 40 Hands. This is one for the serious drinkers so newbies, beware. With a roll of duct tape, every participant has one 40 oz taped to each of their hands. The beers cannot be removed until the participant has finished their beers so going to the bathroom and answering cell phones will be impossible. The point is to drink the beers as quickly as possible. If you don’t have tape, ask at your Cancun adults only resorts where you can find some.
  6.  Name Chain. This is one that requires a bit of mental dexterity. One person starts out with a name, preferably with a first and last name. The next person must come up with a name that starts with the first letter of the last name of the previous name. So if the first name was “Abraham Lincoln,” the next name should begin with “L.” “Lindsey Lohan” could come next. In the case that the first and last name begin with the same letter, the direction changes. If a person cannot remember a name, they must drink until they can remember one. Other varieties of this game include using a phrase to start off the game. “’So-and-so’ has in their bottom tonight…” or any variation of the phrase will do. Get some inspiration from the Cancun adults only resorts for more phrases.
  7. The Century Club. This is a hardcore game with the only object is to be pretty drunk by the end. You can adjust the rules to include less or more alcohol, as needed. The point is to have a stopwatch and at the top of every minute, everyone playing must take a drink. The rule can be a normal sip or an entire beer but it normally requires one to drink a shot glass full of beer. This must go on for the duration of 100 minutes and the first person to go to the bathroom at the end of an hour must drink an entire beer. Make sure you find a spot with bathrooms nearby at Cancun adults only resorts.
  8. The Vegetable Game. Each participant chooses a vegetable and must tell everyone their vegetable. After the names have been chosen and said out loud, the dealer must take preferably two decks of cards and deal a card to each participant. If two participants at the table have the same card, for example, a seven of hearts and a seven of spades, the two are locked into a battle where one must say the vegetable name of the other person. The first person to say the vegetable name of the other is the winner and the loser must drink the pre-accorded amount. This is a very fun one to play at Cancun adults only resorts.
  9. Flip Cup. This is a relay race where there should be two teams so if you are short some people, make some friends at Cancun adults only resorts. Each participant should have a plastic cup filled with either half a cup of beer or a shot of your drink of preference. Start from a point away from the table where the cups are and at the word “Go,” the first competitor of each team must run to the table and drink their drink. Upon finishing, they must set the cup on the table and with their fingers, try to flip the cup so that it sits upside down on the table. As soon as the cup is upside down, they will run back to their team and the next competitor does the same thing. The first team to finish wins.
  10. Battleship. This one requires a lot of beer, a spot that can be mopped up and involves a bit of messiness. Get a beer pitcher and place a glass or a cup in it. The first person must fill the cup or glass with enough beer from their own cup so that the next person in line is the one who, upon pouring beer into the cup, will make the cup sink. Ask the wait staff if there is a place that you can do this at Cancun adults only resorts.

These are great games for the evening out but remember to be kind to the newbies. Throwing up, especially on vacation at Cancun adults only resorts, is nothing pleasant so take care of everyone and everything in moderation.

Fun in the bar with Cancun adults only resorts activities.

Give it all your best and go for gold! Apart from being fun, this is also a great way to make new friends.

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