Great Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults Vacations Riviera Maya

Halloween costume ideas for adults vacations Riviera Maya

Halloween costume ideas for adults vacations Riviera Maya

When it comes to Halloween, there are tons of ideas floating around where you can put your creativity to work for your adults vacations Riviera Maya costume parties. Whatever you want to be, you can be it and that is the beauty of this magnificent holiday. There are the old traditional costumes that are tried and true favorites, like the pumpkin, the witch or the devil. You can be sexy variations of that as well but what if you were bored with those choices and wanted to get into something off the beaten path? Why not try the following list and see which one fits your tastes? Halloween is all about disguising yourself and doing a convincing job of it.

Your Adults Vacations Riviera Maya Halloween Costume Choice List

  1. There are all sorts of people that have existed so you can and take a page out of their book and go full out on adults vacations Riviera Maya. You can go as far back as to the ancient Greeks and Romans, famed mythological figures like Eros and Mercury, go to the Wild West and think Billy the Kid or Annie Oakley. Take a jump and go for the Presidents of the US or famed local heroes on adults vacations Riviera Maya Halloween getaways. Be Mount Rushmore with three other friends. How about famous movie couples? Rogers and Astaire? Laurel and Hardy? Bambi and Flower? Or food combos? Hamburgers and French fries? Fish and chips? Salad and dressing? How about sports? Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson, Mia Hamm, Andre Agassi, Amelia Earhart and many more. If you want to go really contemporary, you can try any Real Housewife or characters on any reality show. Recent figures like Felix Baumgartner of the Stratosphere space jump or even Lance Armstrong would be an interesting choice for adults vacations Riviera Maya costumes. There are also other options if you prefer the singer/artists set like Lady Gaga or Bruce Springsteen. Famous people are all around so it just requires a little creativity and a lot of heart.
  2. Fictional characters. On adults vacations Riviera Maya, the list is also endless. Choose from your favorite books (The Little Prince, Harry Potter, the Twilight Series, James Bond) and even comic books (where the cosplay crowd get a lot of their ideas). Dress as your favorite Hobbit, Marvel superhero or DC crime fighter. There is a lot to choose from. For men, there are characters like Cyclops, Wolverine, Spiderman, Superman, Batman and Thor. For the ladies, you can try Phoenix, Storm, Rogue, Elektra and Wonder Woman, some of the regular choices for the comic book set, a fantastic idea for your adults vacations Riviera Maya getaway. Maybe even characters from graphic novels made into movies like Sucker Punch, with great costumes that have a little bit of a steampunk feel. Video games also offer a great variety of choices like Super Mario Bros, Pac Man and Donkey Kong for the older Atari generation, and Assassin’s Creed and Portal for the newer gamers. There are also famous subjects of paintings like the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, the Guernika, the American Gothic, any of Frida Kahlo’s paintings. The list can go on and on and provide for a great time during adults vacations Riviera Maya.
  3. There are great ideas when you want to do a group thing and want to be different. To understand what I mean, try going to popular cult sing-alongs like for the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Little Shop of Horrors or The Sound of Music. The costumes are as elaborate as they are clever. The followers of such movies dress up and have a fantastic imagination that do a true honor to the movie. Aside from dressing up like the Von Trapp children, you could try picking out certain phrases or lyrics from the movie to represent for your adults vacations Riviera Maya Halloween. There was an occasion when someone dressed as a dog with the number 17 on his back and someone with an 18 on his shirt. The dog pretended to urinate on the person with the 18 and this made “17 going on 18” come to life. Take any phrase you can think of and I guarantee you can make it a costume for your adults vacations Riviera Maya stay.
  4. All you need is cardboard, a key item or two of clothing, markers and a whole lot of ingenuity. Ask at your adults vacations Riviera Maya hotel staff for supplies, if you can’t bring them from home. For the more creative types, you can be any number of things, from a tray of food at a fast food restaurant, a cookie, a roll of sushi, a popular candy bar or a cup from your favorite coffee joint. If you have trouble choosing, think of things you consume on a regular basis and run with the idea. There may be some very difficult bits but costumes are always the best when they are original. Maybe you can dress up as the new iPhone 6? Or a tablet of Viagra? The funnier, the better for your Halloween ideas at adults vacations Riviera Maya.

There are so many different things that you can have “I don’t know” as an answer but this is really not acceptable, in particular on adults vacations Riviera Maya getaways. So give your costume a little think and try to find the pieces in time of the big day. You are sure to wow especially if you are preparing for it with a lot of time in advance.

Enjoy adults vacations Riviera Maya getaways and find out for yourself what it is all about.

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