Sexy Bedtime Stories for All Inclusive Adults Only Playa del Carmen Getaways


There are times when you are in bed that maybe you feel a little frisky but maybe your partner isn’t in the mood during all inclusive adults only Playa del Carmen vacations. When you hit a wall like that, you might need to try another tactic and one that may work in your favor is a good bedtime story. A sexy one. Anyone who has the ability to tell a story can use that to their advantage.  All you have to do is take a story you know and add some sexually redeeming features to it. Everyone has the potential to be phenomenal bedtime story tellers and if you know your partner well enough, you might even be able to tell one with spectacular results. Don’t worry if you think you aren’t the greatest at it. Chances are, you’ll have tons of opportunities to practice.

So what are you waiting for? Try your storytelling out by following these tips and maybe, you might find yourself adding a little bit of innovation to your bedroom time while on all inclusive adults only Playa del Carmen vacations.

Tips for Sexy Bedtime Storytelling while on All Inclusive Adults Only Playa del Carmen Getaways

  1. Pick a story. As with anything, you will need a base. If you are crap at making up stories, take one you know really well and start with that. You may want to change up names to those of your partner and yourself to make the story more personalized. Once you’ve got your story, make sure you adjust it in such a fashion that you don’t linger on the story and have the action be continuous and flowing. All stories have an introduction, a body and an ending so make sure you work in that order. You can start out with a well-inspired foreplay as your intro. Remember, timing is crucial so work it at all inclusive adults only Playa del Carmen trips!
  2. Pace yourself. You don’t want to jump right to the ending because that is a little counterproductive and might not provide the level of pleasure for both sides, as intended. You don’t want to take too long because you or your partner might get bored or even fall asleep. But you don’t want to go to fast because you won’t have the time to get too far into the story. Make your intimacy a fantastic adventure that you’d want to visit over and over on all inclusive adults only Playa del Carmen vacations.
  3. Dress up. You may want to add some costumes or props to your bedtime story to make it even more exciting. If you are telling a Cinderella story, you might want make a costume choice of a sexy servant Cinderella with a skimpy, off-shoulder dress. Consider a wardrobe for your storytelling. It may just surprise you and get you more into the mood than you originally thought and it may take you a little further into your imagination while on all inclusive adults only Playa del Carmen getaways.
  4. Prepare. Once you choose a story, you can dedicate yourself to prepare for your storytelling. This can include any props, costumes, toys and any other sort of accessories that you need to complement you story. If you have time to prepare, that may be the cherry on top of your spectacular cake. Taking the time out to practice your story and maybe rehearsing might make your actual time with your partner a phenomenal one on all inclusive adults only Playa del Carmen vacations.
  5. Vary it up. If you’ve got one story, you might want to vary up your repertoire with some other stories. Routine is what kills a relationship so trying to give an old story a new spin is a great way to change up your bedroom antics. There is something to be said for looking at new ways to keep something fresh and exciting and this is one method for doing so. Enjoy this change and remember to work on things that both you and your partner like. There is no point in doing something that isn’t going to be even remotely exciting or something that is a no-go area for either you or your partner. Respect is key in any relationship so remember to always have that in mind when working on the next story you plan to tell. This will be a huge point of contention so work on it for you all inclusive adults only Playa del Carmen vacations.

Practice, practice, practice at all inclusive adults only Playa de Carmen vacation getaways.

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