Sporting Events in Mexico on Adult Vacations Riviera Maya


When you are on adult vacations Riviera Maya, you will notice that Mexico is a country that is known for its love of sports and its intense passion for “futbol” (soccer). Because of this, there are a number of different events that take place in the country that people enjoy and have the strong inclination to go and attend. There are quite a number of events, all fun in their own respect. So investigate the possibility and have a good time.

What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy adult vacations Riviera Maya!

  1. Futbol/soccer. This is a major part of Mexican culture and something that unites the country as a whole. Every weekend, you can find games going on during the pro season and there are teams in most of the major cities of the country. Watching a special rivalry game (un clasico) is fun to attend, especially at the stadium or watch on TV at adult vacations Riviera Maya. It is particularly fun to attend because food and drink is normally brought to your seat by vendors weho have buckets of drink or insulated bags to keep food hot. Other fans also contribute to the ambiance, which can make the game a lot more memorable.
  2. Lucha libre. Every tourist that comes to Mexico always looks for the Mexican wrestler mask for souvenirs. So over the years, Mexican wrestling has become more popular and attracted a bigger crowd. Mexico City has two major rings. The Arena Mexico and the Arena Coliseo. They have a lot of historic tradition and are a part of the legacy of the sport in Mexico. The fun of the costumes and the theatrics, as well as the enthusiastic crowds, all makes an outing a very memorable one so make it a part of your adult vacations Riviera Maya.
  3. Bullfighting. Though it is a Spanish tradition, bullfighting has long been a part of Mexican culture and has had a long Mexican history that includes styles, fights and bulls. The tradition has been continued in both the large cities and the small towns, where it is common to go to local fairs and see bull riding and a fight. There are professional and novice seasons so look into it and see if it appeals to you, when on adult vacations Riviera Maya.
  4. Formula 1. The F1 series has taken place a variety of times in Mexico but this 2015 season will be the first time in two decades that it will be here. It comes back to a country that saw the victories of Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell and Alain Prost, as well as the birth of the Rodriguez Brothers, Adrian Fernandez and Jo Ramirez. Although Mexico may not be known for speed demons, you can get on the street of any major city and you will find that speed is in the blood so catch up when you have adult vacations Riviera Maya.
  5. Ironman. The 70.3 and the 140.6 are both Ironman events held in Mexico and take place in Cozumel, Los Cabos and Monterrey. With a lot of areas where you can find fantastic stretches of turquoise seas and pristine beaches, with no need for wetsuit swims. The draw to compete in Mexico grows bigger by the day. The events are held in brilliant spots for open water swims as well as swims in a man-made canal (Monterrey). There are also a lot of non-Ironman events as well as sprints and Olympic-length events so check with your adult vacations Riviera Maya resort for more info.
  6. El Cruce a Isla Mujeres. This is a competition that is a 10 kilometer swim, which takes place between Cancun and Isla Mujeres. About May every year, the group of competitors start from the Cancun side and swim to Isla Mujeres in turquoise blue water, as pristine as a swimming pool. If you are an endurance swimmer looking for warm waters to swim in, this race is for you and your adult vacations Riviera Maya. If you are lucky, you may even be able to swim over the Underwater Museum, located on the Isla Mujeres side.
  7. Charreada. This is basically the showmanship by Mexican cowboys and cowgirls, and their talent to ride horses and how they ride. In areas to the north of the country, there is a strong culture for this type of sport and a long history that is linked to the society and the culture. Mariachis, with their distinctive hats are a representation of the country and those who are “charros” (Mexican cowboys or cowboys). The men wear fitted trousers and a short jacket with a large hat, while women wear a frilly dress that is loose enough for ample leg movement and the same large hat. The result is a high-powered, fantastic show of horse riding with a very traditional old Mexican feel for your adult vacations Riviera Maya.
  8. Marathons. There are foot races all over but most of the major cities host marathons as well. Mexico City is a challenging one because of the high elevation of 7,380 feet above sea level. Cancun offers one where the challenge is in the humidity. And who can forget the legendary Tarahuamara and their minimalist running skills? Wherever you go, there are bound to be races with distances ranging from kiddie lengths and 5ks to full 26 milers. There are a variety of events you can do and you can probably incorporate it into your vacation at adult vacations Riviera Maya.
  9. Gran Fondo Cozumel. Those that enjoy cycling, the Gran Fondo takes to the Caribbean and lands in Cozumel for a road race by the sea and very rough headwind, perfect for adult vacations Riviera Maya. This competition offers a 50-miler as well as a Century so if you are up to the challenge, this is a fantastic opportunity to tour about a tropical island and get a workout in on a flat course. If you want to ride in humidity and at sea level, this is the perfect choice.

Whatever you decide to do, you are sure to find an event that you will be enthused enough to do. Take up a challenge and travel to compete. You may find something definitely worthwhile in your choice. Organize your calendar and find an event for your vacation time.

It’ll be the perfect excuse to enjoy the brilliance and the beauty of Mexico so enjoy a fantastic time in a scenic seaside town or a lovely bit of colonial architecture and see for yourself how enchanting adult vacations Riviera Maya in Mexico can be.

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