Strip and Take Your Hat off This Fourth of July at Cancun Adults Only Resorts

Cancun Adults Only Resorts: Happy Fourth of July Everybody!

Cancun Adults Only Resorts: Happy Fourth of July Everybody!

Sometimes, Cancun adults only resorts can provide for a little piece of Americana. The Fourth of July is an important holiday for all Americans and it is a great time to come together in the spirit of pride and brotherhood. Barbecues, fireworks and just a good old time for everyone involved.

But how about a change of pace and celebrating your independence in other ways?

I recently thought about changing up the pace with my boyfriend and thought, “What should I do to spice things up?” Since the Fourth was coming up, a nice little getaway might be just the thing.

What Am I Going to Do on the Fourth of July? Cancun Adults Only Resorts: Here I Come!

So I figure what I should do is surprise my man. After poking around, asking knowledgeable friends and surfing the internet a little bit, I’ve put together a couple of ideas. Then, I went looking for where. I’ve been to the Riviera Maya before and settled on one of these Cancun adults only resorts. I thought, “What would be more perfect than a quiet time alone in a beachside setting where you can hang out with other adults?”


The Seduction Begins: A Perfect Fourth of July at Cancun Adults Only Resorts

There was a lot of feedback and advice online about what one can do to spice up a relationship. The Man and I have been together for the last five years and we pretty much know each other, inside out. So I racked my brains a little to see what all I can do. Here are some of my tips:

  1. Waxing. I’ve never done it because The Man has never told me he was ever interested. However, I got to thinking that maybe I should. I’ve read, however, that if you do a full Brazilian (where you take off every last pube in the nether regions), you need to give it a least a day before you have sex. Doing it any earlier can cause irritation and unwanted swelling. So all you brides, beware: no waxing on the day of the wedding!
  2. Striptease. I’ve done my fair share of intimate things with The Man but stripping is also something I haven’t put together with some serious thought. I mean, there are the silly bedroom games but I decided that perhaps I should get inspiration. I know it may sound cheesy but Shakira and her belly dancing self are pretty awesome to watch. The one video I like to watch is “La Tortura” with Spanish singer Alejandro Saenz or that wall move with Beyonce in “Beautiful Liar.” Makes me think it is a good thing I’d be doing this at Cancun adults only resorts. Maybe when I get back, I’ll take up pole dancing classes.
  3.  Lingerie. This is something that I have talked about with The Man. He likes lacy panties that cover the cheeks and the color red. There are also some sheer numbers he likes too. Recently, however, I discovered that they make crotchless panties so hopefully they come in time for the trip.
  4. Stockings are also something men universally like. Those stay-up stockings or the ones that need a suspender belt are pretty sexy. Put them together with a pair of heels and you are ready to go! This is pretty difficult to keep it all a secret from him. I can’t wait to see the look on his face!
  5. Talking dirty. I have heard a lot of my girlfriends talk about this with me. Honestly, I feel a little silly doing it but I guess I should give it a shot. They tell me a good way to start is to message him and then gradually hit him with a little nasty. Just to get used to it. Things about our Fourth of July trip and what I’ll do to him. Makes me excited just thinking about it! I’m going to be in a foreign country and doing a lot of new things. The effect these Cancun adults only resorts are having on me, I swear!

The Bottom Line: Independence Thanks to Cancun Adults Only Resorts

This year, I’ll be doing the Fourth of July a little differently. Instead of the family fun of getting together, eating hot dogs and watching fireworks, I’ll be enjoying my own private fireworks show. I’m excited and a little nervous, as if it was the first time so if anything, it will have taught me that I can still feel like a giddy little school girl.

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