Valentine’s Day Desserts for Two at Cancun Couples Only Resorts

Valentine's Day Desserts done right at Cancun Couples Only Resorts

Valentine’s Day Desserts done right at Cancun Couples Only Resorts

When Valentine’s Day comes around, candies and chocolates always come into play so naturally, desserts are a great big part of it, especially those you can share with your significant other at Cancun couples only resorts. Getting something that is good and that you can share is always a winner. There are so many different things to try, some decadent and others sexy. What do you want? Where do you want to enjoy your dessert? Even for those with dietary restrictions, you are sure to find something that will rock both your worlds.

Desserts and Your Valentine’s Day Decadence on Your Cancun Couples Only Resorts Vacations

  1. Red Velvet Cake. This is by far one of the most popular choices during Valentine’s Day, obviously for its rich red color. This is a chocolate cake in reality but the vibrant hue is a striking look, especially against the creamy white of the frosting. There are a variety of presentations but you can normally find them as a cake or a cupcake so ask at Cancun couples only resorts for the dessert menu so that you can have some. The frosting is normally a butter cream but you can also find a rich cream cheese a nice substitute. When you get small, bite-sized petit fours, you can even feed your significant other a bite at a time and just enjoying a tasty morsel which you can follow up with an even tastier kiss.
  2. Don’t underestimate the sensuality of fruit, which you can find a lot of at Cancun couples only resorts. A well-placed banana or a sexily-enjoyed strawberry can turn on better than you can think. They can also be dragged and smothered across your body. Remember to never stick fruit in your genitals as the sugar can cause bacteria to form. Mangoes, oranges, bananas, strawberries and apples are just some of the fruit that are grown locally in Mexico. If this sounds like something you’d like, call up some room service and have them deliver. If you are really hands on, you can also try local grocery stores for your edible props.
  3. The cacao bean originated in Mexico and depending on where you go, you can find some delicious examples of chocolate. There are also local artisans who make chocolate as they used to, with molcajetes and pestles. Flavored with exotic ingredients like tequila, ginger and even chili peppers, you car sure to find something to add to your culinary foreplay fun at Cancun couples only resorts. You can also try fudge and dribble hot chocolate over your body. This can be sexy, especially if you enjoy hot liquids. If you are into coffee, you can also find chocolate-covered coffee beans, in the land that produces a very find coffee. Enjoy your chocolate however way you like it.
  4. These are a French import to the Yucatan and it is basically a crepe that is rolled up with Edam cheese. The cheese is heated to melting and there you have a sweet and savory dessert. The fillings can vary from that, with Nutella being a popular choice, along with condensed milk. There is also the choice of jams and even bananas as a filling. You can recreate a Lady and the Tramp moment by taking either end of the marquesita and eating till your last bite is your partner. This popular dessert can be found normally being made in the town squares of the Yucatan or in specialty shops so ask at Cancun couples only resorts if they know of a place nearby. You can play it by ear and if you have runny ingredients, like condensed milk, you can use a finger, draw some out and trace your finger over your partner, a great bit of foreplay. Follow it up with some tongue play and you are sure to have a hot and steamy evening of intense play at Cancun couples only resorts.
  5. Tres Leches Cake. Typical of Mexico, Tres Leches usually consists of evaporated milk, condensed milk and regular milk. Different people make this cake with a varying amounts of the different types of milk but is consistent in that this is a moist cake. So for those of you that have a sweet tooth and aren’t lactose intolerant, this may be an option for you. Spoon your partner a little at a time and accompany it with a bit of coffee or a kiss. Whatever you feel like in the moment, something you are sure to find at Cancun couples only resorts.
  6. Here is another popular dessert which is a carmelized custard. Different recipes do exist but ideally, a nice flan is as light and as soft as room temperature butter. This dessert is a simple one but traditional and can be as sensual as it is good. If you are really into nice custards, this one may be the perfect option. With all those wonderful options that are local and very delicious, you are sure to find that perfect choice for your romantic and sensual Valentine’s Day, with the help of a culinary variety that you can totally enjoy with your significant other at Cancun couples only resorts.

Whatever you decide on, you are sure to always find something spectacular at Cancun couples only resorts for your dessert options.

Ask for recommendations and you are sure to find a ton of examples of good food and drink for that perfect celebration.

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